THE 2020


We won't be asking you to come into a theatre to watch our panto this year (did we mention it's our 5th anniversary?).

We, are asking you, however, to join us for the best virtual holiday party this side of Toronto!

For the first time in our history, our original panto production will be delivered to you via ticketed online streaming. We will be hiring a professional television crew to capture each and every LIVE performance - no pre-recording nonsense! This is live!

More details coming soon, but there will be a panto! Boo and cheer right from the comfort of your living room!

Other cool interactive options will include add-ons such as customized video greetings from the characters for your child, customized souvenir postcards delivered to your child (signed by PETER PAN or CAPTAIN HOOK or WENDY), and even 5 minute Zoom Chats with Peter Pan, Captain Hook, or Wendy - or even all 3!

This is PANTOSCOPE. A panto like never before! Interactive virtual add-ons will begin in November, the show will be performed sometime late November, or December. All details to come soon.