Take a sneak peek and listen to "Brunnhilde's Song" from CINDERELLA 2 below!

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Does your family need a new panto during these challenging times to make you smile?

"Cinderella 2: A Magical SEQUEL!"

A direct follow-up to Silly Stages' 2018 hit panto, "Cinderella: A Magical Panto!", this sequel will be produced like a radioplay and will feature your favourite characters from two years ago. It will stream, FOR FREE, beginning June 12th at www.sillystages.com

A number of the actors from the original stage production of "Cinderella" (2018) are volunteering their time to return to the characters they originated.

This brand-new story finds our characters 10 years later. Brunnhilde and Helga have escaped from prison and are wreaking havoc on the Kingdom of Knotty-Knotty Pine. Will Cinderella and Prince Charming save the day before the magic is gone and Brunnhilde and Helga rule the land?

Find out when "Cinderella 2" hits the (online) airwaves next month.